The Beginning

The Beginning

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When I first started playing airsoft and paintball I did not have the slightest idea on what I was doing. I met

many guys on the field and they had this rugged “I’m a better player than you” mentality because they had been playing airsoft and paintball for years. Some players bragged about their experiences playing on the professional level. As cool as they were, they were not nice guys. Maybe men's nature is to be this way towards other men. Soon after I started developing my own unique airsoft and paintball playing style because I realized that the rules of combat were all personal. Just because pain was part of the game, it did not make any sense to me as to why I needed to feel pain every time I played this sport I loved to play. As a result I created my own airsoft and paint ball armor.

While putting on my own armor for the first time, I was nervous on the first day of my armor's test run out in the field. What if people laughed at me? What if the armor failed? Worst yet, who am I do be doing anything with just a simple idea? I was met with much excitement as strangers came up to me with many positive questions about my armor. People asked me what my armor was made out of and how could they get one of my customized built armors. Others began to agree with me that feeling pain from being shot during the game was not really part of the sport. As strong as we like to portray to ourselves as men, we all bleed in one way or another.

When I went onto the battle field I gained friends, talked to people, and built friendships by just being kind. Nobody has to be a jerk to win people over. I then developed a better strategy for MilSlim. The use of intelligence while in combat is a great way for players to survive, not just during their weekend warrior battles, but also in life. This is what I wanted ShoNoBu Ninja Armor to represent. Challenging oneself to better the mind and body while playing the sport.

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