Armor To The Test

Armor To The Test

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ShoNoBu Ninja Armor's Prototype A was good, although could be better. Prototype A was light, fast and easy to wear. However, as I played in numerous scenarios, the armor started to fail as more powerful high tech Airsoft and Paintball guns could destroy the armor's first outer layer of protection. I played several games not realizing my armor had cracked until a good friend pointed out a big hole on my side. The equipment that was attached to my armor also failed. I have a knuai, a Japanese dagger, from my cosplay days built into my armor to express a ninja-feel style. The armor's knuai broke when a powerful bb penetrated into the wooden handle.

I went back to the drawing board to make Prototype A's armor light, but also strong enough to withstand the force of more powerful guns. ShoNoBu Ninja Armor Prototype A went through a phase called Type A1. Type A1 had a three-layer system. One layer of the three-layer system provided padding incase the player fell. The additional 2 layers of the three-layer system provided the armor with durability to withstand stronger guns.

ShoNoBu Ninja Armor Type A's first day was met with much better results and reviews. Type A not only did its job but lasted longer as I played through numerous scenarios. Type A withstands all guns and even more powerful machine guns like the dredged M60. Type A's padding is water proof as the player's body perspires and there was air circulation since all armors contour to the body.

Just like life, ShoNoBu Ninja Armor had to fail for it to improve. Many people say life we will always tell us we won’t make it, but that’s not the problem. Our ability to bounce back is what makes us what who we are.

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