ShoNoBu was founded in 2011 by Bunthoeun (Bun-Toon) Kun, Sarun Toch and Carl Ward. While playing airsoft with his youth group, Bunthoeun did not like the fact of having to go to work with bruises on his face and body. Bunthoeun wanted to create an armor system that would protect airsoft players from the bumps and bruises of playing Airsoft. After numerous attempts and several prototypes later, Bunthoeun's team created ShoNoBu Armor.

In the beginning, ShoNoBu Armor sold the armors to their closest friends.  However, one day Sarun and Carl suggested to Bunthoeun, that they should take their product to a bigger audience. Thus, a company is born!

Even though they spent most of their time into building the business, they remained grounded in their community and used their free time in mentoring Young Adults. The majority of their profits goes back into the community and they have a great desire to create stable jobs for anyone seeking employment. We are a family owned and operated business who strongly believes in diversity with a strong work force ethic. ShoNoBu Armor's product line not only looks cool, but they provide comfort and protection when playing Airsoft.


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